How to decorate with antiques

Decorating with antiques

How to decorate with antiques

How to decorate with antiques

In this blog we are going to talk about decorating with antiques and how to introduce them into a design scheme.

As interior designerVintage shoppings we adapt to our clients’ varying tastes and styles which means researching products and keeping up with trends. Although it’s not just about the latest trends; it’s also about appreciating the charm of antiques in modern interior design.

If you want to incorporate antiques into your own home there a few simple ways of doing this:

1. Mix furniture styles:

Each home has a unique personality which needs to be considered. Once you understand your own home’s uniqueness you can acquire vintage and contemporary pieces  which will bring out its own dimension and personality.

Mixing furniture styles and periods is a challenge and it does require careful consideration. You can create a cohesive space when mixing several styles, but space needs to be considered from a holistic perspective.

One thing to be careful about when mixing is that you don’t end up adding too many pieces which can result in reproducing the style of a bygone era.

You can update your space by mixing both modern and vintage pieces. When you pair more modern pieces with antique pieces you create a very exciting look unique to your space and style .


2. Consider the elements unique to the vintage piece:

When shopping for unique pieces consider the scale of the item, how it feels , its colour, and where it is going to sit in the space.

Size and shape are the most important elements that must be taken into account in order to achieve the desired results. Antiques and modern pieces work well together in a room, if they create good balance and proportion.

3. Use large pieces of furniture:

How to decorate with antiques

You don’t need a high number of different pieces, sometimes you just need the one large piece which will add an extra layer of personality and character to a space. One simple large piece of furniture will give your space the wow factor.

4. Look for unique pieces:

When designing spaces I usually look for excentric, odd, and unique objects and furniture. Consider your overall design and ask yourself if these unique pieces will look right in your design. Buy items you will truly love and will preseve and take care off through many years to come.

A few weeks ago we found ourselves at the Nottingham Antique and Vintage Fair looking for some unique pieces.

                                                                                          How to decorate with antiques


There were plenty of stall holders with a great range of everyday items. We also found unusual artifacts and items we forgot even existed!

Another good place in Nottinghamshire for antiques is the Newark International Antiques and Collectors Fair