How to find your own home style

How to find your own home style

How to find your own home style

How to find your own home style

Finding your own style will create a sense of attachment with your home.

There is nothing worse than being in your own home and not feeling like it belongs to you because it is not expressing who you are.

Achieving a style that suits your personality can be such a great feeling. It really can transform how you feel about your home, making your home very unique to you; reflecting who you are, and a place you can be proud of.

There are many elements inside your home that can have a significant impact on your mood. Colour is a perfect example of something that can generate or enhance certain emotion. Too much clutter and the wrong type of furniture can also have a negative impact on your mood.

There are, however a number of things you can do about this:


Take a good look at all your possessions and consider whether they are worth keeping.  Get rid of anything that is broken and beyond repair.

Donate to charity anything that you haven’t used in a long time or don’t feel like it’s “you”.

The first few items to get rid of are the most difficult but once you have started you will find it easier as you go along.

When you have got rid of the clutter your mind will then be free to focus on those items you love and you really want to keep.


Have a look at what styles are out there to help you find your inspiration.

There are some great sites like Pinterest where you can put a mood board together from images that inspire you.

Instagram is very popular, where many interior designers share their latest projects and their own style and taste.

Design magazines are also a great source of inspiration.

You can go through them and rip out pages of what you like and put the pictures into a mood board format so you can see them all at once.

Art galleries are also a great place to find inspiration especially when it comes to the use of colour.Mood board

Go through what items you like that you already own as you can build a theme around a specific item – this could be some detailing on the actual item, its shape or colour that attracts you to it.

This will really give you a feel for what your style is.

Build a base for your taste

Once you more or less have an idea of what you like and dislike, now it’s time to look for the main pieces of furniture which will start to give shape to your style in your home.

These can include pieces like the sofa, the bed, wardrobes and a sideboard.

If you are going to replace any of these larger pieces of furniture you are better off investing in quality that you will have for many years.

A way to invest in quality pieces that are unique and less expensive is to buy vintage.

It may take a while longer to find the right piece you are looking for, but it is worth it when you find a one-of-a-kind piece that serves your needs and no one else has it.



A lot of retailers allow you to take things back if you change your mind so don’t be afraid to buy more than you actually need. Finding your own home style

You can then have a play around with these new items and see how they fit in with what you already have and how they reflect your personality and make you feel.

Not everything needs to match to the same colour scheme and texture.  You can mix and match objects that you feel drawn to, for example, you might love velvet (which tends to come in dark colours) but also might love bright colours.

Here you can experiment with a velvet lampshade and some bright throws on your couch which then will clash with the lampshade adding some interest.

Do remember your style will continue to evolve over time and that’s ok.

If you need further help defining your style do contact us here.